A letter from Executive Director, Gord Cunningham

"Coady Rises to Challenges..."

Dear Friend,

The past year has made me thankful for many things including the creativity and dedication of my Coady colleagues, the passion and commitment of Coady education program participants, and donors like you who made this all possible. Without exception Coady course facilitators rose to the challenge and created exceptional online educational experiences for their participants. Coady participants, including more Canadians than ever before, leaned into the online environment and made these courses a great success. None of this would have been possible without the generosity of supporters, like you, who continued to help us to create opportunities for so many participants to take part in Coady education programs.

“The Coady course is a life changing experience, you will learn a lot from the diverse student population and innovative approach to learning that is used by the Coady teaching team. The courses are also flexible and the impact and experience remains with you. You do not want to miss this opportunity.”
Abiodun Rufus Unegbu, Nigeria

Executive Director/Co-Founder at Leadership Initiative for Youth Empowerment, Women’s Leadership for Community Development (2021)

Today (October 17), marks the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty and approximately 10,000 Coady graduates (including 352 in the past year) – and the countless people they influence – are at work in more than 146 countries continuing to improve thousands of lives through their leadership. These graduates put their knowledge to work; mobilizing their communities to deal with immediate issues such as the Covid-19 pandemic while at the same time working to build economies that are more inclusive, more resilient communities, and more accountable governance in their organizations and communities.

“Chi Migweetch for your support. Your support is so important for those of us that have limited resources and accesses to further our education and be able to move forward in life. This is highly appreciated…”
Hannah Geauvreau-Turner, Canada

National Ambassador of Hope Canada, We Matter, Building Abundance in Indigenous Communities (2021)

Throughout the pandemic Coady continues to support and engage with community leaders working on the ground where change needs to happen the most, prioritizing youth, women, Indigenous leaders, and particularly participants from developing countries. Following health guidelines to minimize travel, we continue to offer international and Canadian participants an extensive program of online courses. This has improved accessibility and created opportunity for even more change leaders to participate and, in the spring of 2022, we hope to welcome people on-campus. The demand for our programs has gained global attention and continues to fill a niche area not easily found in the wider market and outstripping available resources. For example, Coady’s Global Change Leaders program now receives an average of 1,200 applications per year for just 20 spaces.

Please consider supporting Coady International Institute so we may continue to offer educational programming for emerging and established community leaders with a passion for social change. Your support allows us to maintain and often increase the opportunities we can provide, ensuring that change leaders from around the globe and here in Canada have increased access to educational opportunities without additional financial burden.

To donate please send a cheque designated to “Coady International Institute” care of Lynn O’Donnell, Development Officer to 4780 Tompkins Lane BOX 5000 Antigonish, NS B2G 2W5 or donate online.

Thank you for your continuing support.




Gord Cunningham
Executive Director, Coady Institute

Lack of Finances

is the #1 reason for a participant not being able to attend Coady.
A daily $2.79 donation can add up to a five-year pledge of $5,000. (That is less than an Ice Cappucino!) $9.61/week creates a $500 yearly donation.

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of graduates gained relevant knowledge

graduates from 146 countries


overall satisfaction rate among graduates

graduates from January 2020 to October 2021


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** Statistics based on course evaluations and outcome surveys sent to 287 Coady participants representing 54 countries graduating from January 2020 to March 2021 with 147 graduates answering questions from the survey.