Arnest Aninda Sarkar

Senior Program Officer

Christian Commission for Development in Bangladesh (CCDB), Bangladesh

Christian Commission for Development in Bangladesh (CCDB), was initiated in 1973, after the War of Independence in 1971, with a vision of building a just and caring society, where poor people live in peace and with dignity and harmonious relationship with all of God’s creation.

CCDB is mandated to work on the basis of ecumenical principles, to create a society where the poor, marginalized, and vulnerable people can claim and enjoy their rights and seek justice for a sustainable livelihood.

I have been a Program Officer of CCDB in Disaster Preparedness Unit since 2000. I was involved with a community team for Community Risk Assessment (CRA) and prepared a potential budget to reduce the vulnerability. At the same time, the budget was integrated with the total area’s development budget in terms of grant sanction from local government fund to implement development activities. I was also involved with the team to prepare and support other policies at the organizational level. I also communicate with different stakeholders for networking.

“I hope Coady’s Development Leadership Program will strengthen my ability to be a more effective change leader by introducing better approaches on asset-based development, social justice, and with the representation of women’s rights. I want to facilitate social meaningful engagement, across different perspectives.”