Coady Coffee House and Webinar

Building Peace at Home and Abroad: Identifying Risks and Opportunities

Join us as Coady teaching staff member Digafie Debalke hosts an Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony and Webinar with a dialogue on peace and conflict transformation.

Recorded November 27, 2023



Heather Eaton

Full Professor
Saint Paul University

Topic: Religion, Peace, and Conflict
Does Religion have Unique Features for Peacebuilding?


Bahar Baser

School of Government and International Affairs
Durham University
United Kingdom

Topic: Diaspora, Identity, Peace, and Transplanted Conflicts
Diversity as a Liability than an Asset


Ashok Swain

Professor at Department of Peace and Conflict Research
Uppsala University

Topic: Diaspora in a Fractured World: Bridge Builders or Bridge Wreckers?

Facilitated by

Digafie Debalke

Digafie Debalke

Program Teaching Staff
Coady Institute