Coady Bursaries

Thanks to the generous financial support of Global Affairs Canada, as well as a number of individual and institutional donors, the Coady Institute is able to offer bursaries to most candidates accepted into the Institute’s education programs.

Applicants to our Diploma in Development Leadership Program and Global Change Leaders Program may also qualify for an international travel award to help defer costs. Program costs include tuition, accommodation and meals.

Accepted applicants will be informed of the level of support offered as well as the balance of fees owing for which the candidate is responsible to pay. Payment is required prior to arrival unless other arrangements are made in advance. A confirmation of acceptance of these terms is required by the applicant prior to issuing official acceptance documents.

Tips for requesting funding from other sources

Obtaining financial aid to study abroad can be quite difficult; to supplement your Coady scholarship, we suggest the following steps:

Step 1: Secure your employer’s support
At a minimum, most organizations provide salary continuance for employees while attending a program, as well as a major contribution to program fees and travel.

Step 2: Access external funding
The candidate’s organization can also contribute indirectly by soliciting funds on the candidate’s behalf from other funding agencies, foundations and international organizations within its own country. External funding might be obtained from:

  • Donors who already fund the organization’s projects and programs
    In the solicitation letter, explain that the Coady training will enhance your ability to manage the project more effectively.
  • International associations, foundations or networks with which the organization already has links
    For example, if your organization has links to an international association, you might contact the Canadian or American affiliate and solicit funding support from them. Such agencies often invite Coady students to meet with their local branches during their stay in Canada, in order to strengthen their international linkages and promote cross-cultural understanding.
  • Private foundations or organizations in the candidate’s region that provide educational grants and scholarships for study abroad
    Lists of foundations and funders may also be found in donor directories or on the Internet. Although the Government of Canada mission offices overseas (i.e. embassies, consulates and cooperation offices) are generally supportive of Coady programs and helpful to Coady candidates, they rarely have funds that can be applied to attending Coady programs. Most Mission Administered Development Funds must be spent on in-country activities and projects. Mission offices, however, may have more information about awards available to candidates in your region.
  • International organizations or associations with local or regional offices, working in the same sector as the candidate’s organization
    In some cases, these organizations may also be sources of training support. For example, if your project or program has a focus on reproductive health, you might contact the local office of the Centre for Development and Population Activities (CEDPA).

Over the years, candidates have found that church-based agencies are the most supportive of and knowledgeable about the Coady program.

Step 3: Identify sources of personal funding
More and more candidates are making their own contributions to the costs of their training at Coady. Candidates are sometimes obliged to take out personal loans for their education. In other cases, extended families are the source of funds.

Tips for Requesting Funds

  • Letters of solicitation that come from the director of your organization carry much more weight with prospective donors than personal letters from individuals.
  • In a request-for-funding letter, emphasize that most of the required funds (i.e. 75%) are already secured and you are simply looking for the balance.
  • If you are soliciting funds from current project or program donors, explain how the Coady training will help you to manage the project more effectively.