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Coady Coffee House and Webinar

Challenging Hegemony in International Development: A Conversation with Pathy Fellows

Join us as Coady teaching staff member Digafie Debalke hosts a Coffee House and Webinar with a dialogue on peace and conflict transformation. 


With Pathy Fellows:

Anthony Ighomuaye

Anthony Ighomuaye

Queen's University

Project Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Revolutionizing rickshaw energy ecosystem for self-driven sustainability

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Anthony Ighomuaye is a recent graduate from Queen’s University Smith School of Business in Kingston, ON, with a Master’s in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Anthony also possesses an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and upon graduation spent four years at an electric vehicle design and manufacturing company, specializing in building, testing, and deploying energy saving devices for trucks and buses. His current initiative through the Pathy Fellowship centers around transforming traditional rickshaws into electric vehicles to provide mobile infrastructure that can also be used as mini-mobile grids to power communities. This innovative approach not only helps rickshaw drivers save money but also powers their homes, fostering access to digital services for themselves and their families when the rickshaw is not used to transport people. Anthony’s vision is to create a positive impact by enabling rickshaw drivers to support their families. He hopes that this initiative will contribute to sustainable and community-focused solutions centred around green energy, encouraging low-income households and African communities to participate in climate and clean energy solutions.

“My journey reflects a commitment to combining technical expertise with social innovation for a brighter and more connected future through a laser focused approach with emerging communities as a pioneer partner.”

Sophie McCafferty

Sophie McCafferty

Bishop’s University

Project Location: Chilanga, Malawi

Agroecological Soil Remediation with Goats

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Sophie McCafferty is a Pathy Foundation Fellow currently supporting the Tingathe Women’s Goat Co-operative in Chilanga, Malawi. She has a passion for feminist agroecology and loves exploring the intersectionality involved in our food systems. Sophie studied Environmental Science and Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems; her dream is to one day have her own small-scale farm for textiles, dyes, and foods. Sophie draws much inspiration from her current community work. The women’s goat cooperative consists of 21 women and 10 goats. Members gather regularly to learn about sustainable goat management practices that harness their potential for soil regeneration whilst also exploring the many ways this common livestock can be used to support livelihoods. The cooperative has been working hard and will soon be designing their very own electric fence, preparing for the arrival of baby goats, and learning how to milk the goats for cheese and soap.

Sara-Maya Kaba

Sara-Maya Kaba

Queen’s University

Project Location: Pakistan

آواز Aawaaz

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Sara-Maya Kaba is a Canadian-Pakistani educator and multidisciplinary artist. Her art bridges dance, poetry, spoken word, and singing, and she has a passion for using the arts for social change. She is currently based in Pakistan and heading Aawaaz, an initiative that is bringing mental health and performing arts programs across a network of slum schools and low-income settings across Islamabad and Hunza. Additionally, she is spearheading Pakistan’s first winter ringette program that will use sports as an avenue for women’s empowerment, mental health training and positive youth development. So far, she has delivered the Aawaaz program to over 80 participants and educators!

Jacqueline Tomazic

Jacqueline Tomazic

Queen’s University

Project Location: Moshi, Tanzania

Reproductive Healthcare and Empowerment for Tanzanian Women and Girls

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Jacqueline Tomazic is a recent Bachelor of Health Sciences graduate from Queen’s University who focused her studies in global and population health. Her Pathy Fellowship initiative strives to promote reproductive health among young women living in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania through accessibility of sustainable healthcare resources, services, education, and empowerment programs. This initiative will collaborate with community stakeholders to build capacity and skills to address the burden of women’s reproductive health issues, focusing on menstrual health and hygiene for girls in school and adolescent contraception. The project takes a youth-led, asset-based community-driven approach to building an adaptable workshop framework informed by the lived experiences of community members, with plans to empower girls with the skills to facilitate their own workshops and to sew their own reusable pads using local materials. Jacqueline hope that this initiative will contribute towards raising awareness and body literacy, promote positive attitudes towards and amongst all people who menstruate, and empower women and girls to live their periods safely and with dignity.

“I strongly believe that no woman should ever feel limited by any aspect of her body and period, whether it be from obstacles such as social stigmatization, academic or employment absenteeism and discontinuation, product accessibility, economic constraints, self-esteem and confidence, and beyond.”

Danie Mahirane

Danie Mahirane

University of Ottawa

Project Location: Kyegegwa District, Uganda

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Danie Mahirane is a graduate of social sciences from the University of Ottawa, specializing in International Development and Globalization. Presently, she resides in the Kyaka II Refugee Settlement Camp in Uganda. Throughout her academic journey Danie’s focus has been on comprehending community development and rehabilitation through hands-on approaches, as well as fostering peacebuilding. For her Pathy Fellowship, Danie initiated “Sasa-RDC” programs aimed at increasing awareness about early pregnancies and empowering underage mothers in Kyaka II. The objective is to enable young mothers to attain self-sufficiency, contribute to the community, and combat the discrimination and stigma faced by girls with pregnancies out of wedlock. The primary goals of this initiative include identifying practical solutions, offering support to pregnant girls and young mothers, and promoting awareness of Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights. Initially, the project’s emphasis was on vocational training was to equip young girls with skills for self-sufficiency. Now, Danie’s focus has expanded to include integrating income-generating activities to address the needs of these girls as they pursue vocational skill training, utilizing the available resources in the camp.

 Digafie Debalke

Digafie Debalke

Moderator, Coady Institute

Program Teaching Staff
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About the Pathy Foundation Fellowship

The Pathy Foundation Fellowship is an intensive 12-month opportunity for graduating students (undergraduate or Masters) from six partner universities (Bishop’s, McGill, Carleton, uOttawa, Queen’s, and StFX) who have an existing meaningful connection with a community anywhere in the world and an innovative initiative idea to strengthen that community. Fellows are provided with comprehensive training, dedicated ongoing support and up to $40,000 to make a sustainable impact in their chosen community and to support their growth as active and effective leaders and change-makers.

This event is taking place in partnership with the Atlantic Council for International Cooperation for International Development Week 2024. Since 1991, IDW has been held annually in the first full week of February and highlights Canadian contributions to international development initiatives from coast to coast to coast and overseas.

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