Circle of Abundance

Circle of Abundance – E-zine, August 2022

Welcome to the Circle of Abundance Ezine – Third Issue ‘Entrepreneurs’. We all know that Indigenous commerce and trade date back with each other to our existence of being, long before contact of the colonizers. As hunters and gatherers all of our nations throughout the Americas had built allyship across the lands, our great Nations would trade amongst each other. Take Tatamagouche for example—about an hour and a half’s drive from the home of the Coady Institute in Antigonish, Nova Scotia is where the community Tatamagouche is located. I was told recently that in the Mi’kmaq language the word tatamagouche, to some means, ‘two rivers coming into one’. I was also told that the Wabanaki Confederacy and the Haudenosaunee Confederacy would meet in this very territory of land. No wonder then, upon visiting, I could sense an ease of a familiarity. Imagine the rich words that were spoken to each other and the items traded.