Eileen Alma

Director, International Centre for Women’s Leadership

Eileen Alma has more than 25 years of interdisciplinary experience in program development and management, and international development research and practice. Eileen’s focus is on women’s leadership and empowerment – political, economic, social and legal – which is considered key to addressing poverty and inequalities both locally and globally. She does so by overseeing Coady Institute programs which prioritize education of women and men to become aware of gendered power dynamics and to be sensitive, effective leaders in their communities as well as more broadly contributing to Coady’s wide range of educational programs and community development research.

Eileen’s work has covered several fields, including: women’s rights and citizenship; gender justice; peacebuilding, conflict analysis and post-conflict reconstruction; migration and diaspora engagement; decentralization, local power and access to services; governance and state-building; and land access and rights. She has worked extensively with individuals, organizations and networks globally, especially in the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia. She also supports the capacity-building of indigenous and non-indigenous women leaders across Canada. Prior to joining Coady Institute, Eileen worked with the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) where she was a Program Officer in the Social and Economic Policy Program Area for several years, focusing on women’s rights and citizenship, as well as peace, conflict and development.

Eileen holds a Master’s Degree in Conflict Analysis and Management (ethno-political) from Royal Roads University, a Master’s Certificate in Project Management from Royal Roads University and has undertaken graduate studies on refugee and migration issues at York University.

Selected Publications:

Buss, D., Katz-Lavigne, S., Otieno, A., & Alma, E. (2020). “Remember the women of Osiri”: Women and gender in artisanal and small-scale mining in Migori County, Kenya. Canadian Journal of African Studies, 54(1), 177-195. doi: 10.1080/00083968.2019.1677483 (StFX access)

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