Veronica Torres

Program Teaching Staff

Veronica has over 24 years of experience across 40 countries working on programmes for women, girls, and unemployed youth in both humanitarian and development settings. Veronica is recognized for combining engagement and dialogue promotion of gender equality, education, economic and sexual and reproductive health programming, and evaluations. She has worked on diverse programs for girls, women, and families. She has played a role in translating private sector tools for market research to use in girl-centred and women-centred programme design and evaluations. Her qualitative research approach elicits evidence that is verifiable through success in programs.

Veronica worked with Girl Move in Mozambique to secure funding for innovation under the USAID-funded DREAMS challenge fund to enhance girls’ education. Results from the design indicate that girls are staying and or returning to school as a result of this programme. Her assessment and evaluation work has led to improvements in a wide range of programs.

Veronica has informed the work of organisations such as Girl Effect, Population Council, Save the Children, UNFPA, UNICEF, Plan UK, and IRC. She has developed frameworks on adolescent development, mitigating teen pregnancy and life skills integration for Save the Children, Plan UK, and UNICEF. She has developed guidance documents on men’s and boys’ engagement, disability inclusion and tackling teen pregnancy for a UKAID funded program in Rwanda. Curricular materials and research developed and undertaken by Veronica are being used in over 25 countries. Veronica is a graduate of St. Francis Xavier University’s Master of Adult Education program. She is a mentor to professionals working in development in Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. Veronica is a bilingual, collaborative, and effective practice leader speaking fluent English and Spanish with basic understanding of French and Portuguese. Veronica is a member of the city of Oshawa’s first ever diversity, equity, and inclusion committee.