Two Coady graduates are being recognized for their outstanding contributions to community.

Andikuza Litete-Makhumula is the Executive Director for the Literacy for Change (L4C) Trust in Malawi. She also worked in various roles for the United Nations’ World Food Programme for 14 years. Andikuza received the 2020 Outstanding Business Philanthropy Award from the African Silent Heroes Foundation.

“For the 2020 award cycle, African Silent Heroes Foundation has chosen to recognize individuals or groups of individuals and organizations who have made remarkable impact in the fight to end the Covid-19 pandemic,” states the organization’s website.

Andikuza graduated from Coady’s Diploma in Leadership Development in 2013, and returned for a fellowship in 2017. In 2020, she showcased her work creating Reusable Safe’n’Smart African Masks as part of Coady’s One People, One Heartbeat: Creating Connections through Art showcase.

Literacy for Change says, “Ms. Makhumula has received the award for her outstanding and selfless contributions during the Covid 19 pandemic, and for having committed herself to the rights of the most vulnerable – especially children and women – all her life”.

Josephine Yelang is the Executive Director of For a Sustainable Environmental Development (FASEDEV) in Cameroon. She is also one of 75 women leaders working in development who make up the peacebuilding coalition South West/North West Women’s Taskforce (SNWOT).

In 2018, Josephine graduated from two Coady programs – Women’s Leadership for Community Development, and Advancing Women’s Leadership in Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding for Community Development.

Josephine received the 2020 Gold Resilience Award from SNWOT in partnership with the Regional Delegate of Women Empowerment, South West Region, Cameroon.

“As I celebrate this recognition, I double my resilience to face 2021, which is a year full of hope,” Josephine says. “I want to thank Coady International Institute, SNWOT, Swisspeace, and all those supporting us in one way or the other to empower ourselves to contribute to creating positive impact during difficult times in our communities.”