Jessica Popp

Director Social Innovation (Interim)

Inspired by community-driven development, Jess’s work aims to connect people, develop partnerships, and foster collaborative and strengths-based approaches to better support communities. Jess believes that as individuals and communities, we collectively have the skills, assets, and strengths to address our social, environmental and economic issues. Jess has worked alongside partners and communities across Nova Scotia and beyond to create spaces for people from all walks of life to come together to discuss the critical issues of today, leading to positive systems change.

Jess joined the Centre for Employment Innovation (within the former StFX Extension Department) in 2017 after spending a decade in science research, science education, and community development. In her current role of Director of Social Innovation (interim) at Coady Institute, Jess supports the Centre for Employment Innovation, Innovation and Enterprise Centre and the STFX Discover Box, and other social innovation staff and activities across the Institute. Jess also facilitates Asset-Based Community-Led Development courses with both global and local audiences.

Jess is a passionate lifelong learner. In addition to her formal degrees (BSc and MSc in biology, ecology, and environmental studies), Jess also holds certificates in Asset-Based Community-Led Development and Feminist Leadership for Justice, Equity, and Ecology from the Coady Institute, IAP2’s Planning and Techniques for Effective Public Participation from Delaney & Associates, Group Facilitation Methods from ICA Associates, and Policy Development and Implementation from Sobey School of Business. Jess continuously seeks out learning and development to create more inclusive, trauma-informed, and person-centered practices.