Coady staff Robin Neustaeter and Catherine Irving have their names in print this month as part of two recently published works.

Robin Neustaeter (Program Teaching Staff) has contributed a chapter for the book, Routledge Companion to Peace and Conflict Studies titled, Peace and Quiet or Not So Quiet: Gender, Rurality, and Women’s Grassroots Peacebuilding. The chapter examines the dialectical relationship between cultures of gender and rurality and grassroots women’s peacebuilding in Manitoba, Canada. For a preview of Robin’s work, visit Google Books .

In 2015, Catherine Irving (Library Specialist) and Leona English, Professor and Chair of the Department of Adult Education at StFX University co-authored the book, Feminism in Community. Now, one chapter entitled Network Feminism and Social Movement Learning, has been translated and published in Turkish for the peer-reviewed journal, Feminist Approaches in Culture and Politics. For a preview of Catherine and Leona’s work, visit Feminist .


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