Congratulations to the new graduates of Coady’s Global Change Leaders program. This year’s program included 25 women from 22 countries.

During the graduation ceremony, the graduates entertained with song, dance, and words of wisdom.

“…We are leaving Marjorie Desmond Hall with mixed emotions. Not only because we have made a home out of Antigonish, but because Coady International Institute – our circle day after day – has created a safe space for us. We are overwhelmed. With so much confidence that we have gained, coming home will test our humility. But we are also leaving with a renewed energy and hope because we have seen pockets of empowerment filled with enormous potential to trigger transformative change.

So essential in these turbulent times when the forces of fundamentalisms through populist leaders are up and about, curtailing our rights and freedoms our sisters and their comrades before us have fought so hard for. This is the time for feminist leadership. And we are built for this moment…” – Nina Somera (Global Change Leaders, 2018)