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Eileen Alma
Executive Director
Eileen Alma is the Executive Director at Coady Institute, St. Francis Xavier University. She has been with Coady since 2013 and previously held the position of Director, International Centre for Women’s Leadership.
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Aubrey Apps
Pathy Foundation Fellowship Program Assistant
Aubrey Rose Apps joined Coady in July 2024 as the Pathy Foundation Fellowship Program Assistant.
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Adam Baden-Clay
Program Teaching Staff
Adam brings over 25 years’ experience in such areas as new project development and management, Australian Indigenous development, and youth leadership development.
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Brenda Berger
Admissions Assistant
Brenda worked for 20 years for the City of Nepean/Ottawa in the Nepean/Ottawa Public Library before moving to Nova Scotia in 2001.
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Andrew Case
Manager of Finance
Andrew is responsible for the overall financial management of the Institute including, but not limited to, financial management, internal control and development of financial management policies and procedures.
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Emilie Chiasson
Senior Development Executive
Emilie joined Coady Institute in October 2021 as the Senior Development Executive.
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Lola Corkum
Finance Officer
Lola joined the Coady staff in May 1999, bringing with her three years of experience working in an accounting office environment. At the Coady, Lola manages and maintains the daily financial functions of the Institute.
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Digafie Debalke
Program Teaching Staff
Digafie is a trained dialogue facilitator and third-party neutral mediator.
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Martha Fanjoy
Director of Programs
Martha Fanjoy has more than 15 years of experience in applied research, teaching, and program development, in both Canada and internationally
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Jessica Franko
Program Manager, Pathy Foundation Fellowship
Jessica joined the Coady in June 2020 as the Pathy Foundation Fellowship Program Assistant, before transitioning to the role of Coordinator, Youth Programs in June 2022, and Manager, Pathy Foundation Fellowship in January 2023.
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Yogesh Kumar Ghore
Program Teaching Staff
Yogesh is Senior Program Teaching Staff in the thematic area of Inclusive Economies at Coady where he facilitates the institute’s educational and training programs, research and knowledge building initiatives, and capacity strengthening efforts globally.
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Krista Hanscomb
Program Teaching Staff – Circle of Abundance
Krista has been working in Indigenous education for over 15 years and earned a Masters of Education, Indigenous focus from St. Francis Xavier University.
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Susan Hawkes
Communications Coordinator
Sue is responsible for the Coady website, as well as the design and creation of print materials such as the annual report, education brochure, etc.
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Catherine Irving
Library Specialist
Catherine is responsible for the overall operations of the library, as well as maintaining the library’s catalogue on the Novanet system.
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Julien Landry
Program Teaching Staff
Julien designs and facilitates educational programs focused on citizen engagement, advocacy, social accountability, good governance and accountable democracies.
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Brian Lazzuri
Manager Marketing and Communications
Prior to joining the Coady team, Brian was General Manager and Editor of the Casket newspaper in Antigonish, Nova Scotia.
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Johnann LeBlanc
Manager of Operations and Executive Assistant
Johnann joined Coady in November, 2018 as Executive Assistant and Manager of Operations.
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Jenny MacDonald
Marketing Coordinator
Jenny is responsible for creating and implementing strategic marketing plans to support Coady’s mission, programs and recruitment, fund development, and events.
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Pauline MacIntosh
Program Teaching Staff
Pauline MacIntosh worked with the St. Francis Xavier University Extension Department from 1997 until its merger with the Coady International Institute in 2021, at which time Coady Institute was formed.
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Erin MacKenzie
Administrative Assistant
Erin is a key person in the admissions process – moving applications through the system, responding to queries and ensuring all documents are correct.
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Courtney Murdoch
Impact and Engagement Officer
Courtney Murdoch joined Coady Institute in June 2022 as the Pathy Foundation Fellowship Program Assistant before transitioning into the role of Impact and Engagement Officer.
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Joel Murphy
Joel has been working at the Centre for Employment Innovation (CEI) since September 2019, first as a Student Intern and now as Impact and Innovation Officer.
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Lynn O’Donnell
Development Officer
Lynn is the Coady Development Officer who fundraises to support participants, programs and the Institute.
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Nikita Patel
Executive Assistant
Nikita Patel is the Executive Assistant to Eileen Alma, the Executive Director of the Coady Institute. In this role, Nikita is responsible for ensuring the smooth and efficient functioning of the Executive Director's office.
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Karri-Lynn Paul
Program Teaching Staff, Circle of Abundance
Karri-Lynn Paul is a skilled Wolastoqewisqehs adult educator, born and raised in Wôlastôqewisqehsan (Woodstock First Nation) in what is now known as New Brunswick.
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Jessica Popp
Executive Lead, CEI
Inspired by community-driven development, Jess’s work aims to connect people, develop partnerships, and foster collaborative and strengths-based approaches to better support communities. Jess believes that as individuals and communities, we collectively have the skills, assets and strengths to address our social, environmental and economic issues. Jess has worked alongside partners and communities across Nova Scotia and beyond to create spaces for people from all walks of life to come together to discuss the critical issues of today, leading to positive systems change. Jess joined the Centre for Employment Innovation (within the former StFX Extension Department) in 2017 and is currently the Director of Social Innovation (interim) at Coady Institute.
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Paula Romanow
Senior Program Staff, Special Projects
Paula Romanow joined the Extension Department in April 2017 as manager, Applied Research for the Centre for Employment Innovation.
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Alaa Salih
Impact and Innovation Officer
Alaa joined the Centre for Employment Innovation (CEI) in 2020 and is now an Impact and Innovation Officer who actively engages in community-led research. She is committed to empowering underrepresented voices and adopts culturally responsive approaches to her work.
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Cathy Sears
Library Assistant
Cathy is responsible for assisting in the daily operations of the library, and providing technical assistance to the Institute’s participants and staff.
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Sarika Sinha
Program Teaching Staff
Sarika Sinha joins Coady Institute as a Program Teaching Staff member leading our global women’s leadership programming
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Eric Smith
Project Manager, ENGAGE: Women’s Empowerment and Active Citizenship
Eric joined Coady in 2016 and has rich experience in project development and management, monitoring and evaluation, and research.
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Wellington Sousa
Program Teaching Staff
Wellington brings 10 years of experience advancing Asset-Based and Citizen-Led Development approaches through training and projects in countries like Brazil, Uganda, Colombia, United States, Canada, and more recently Indonesia.
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Katie Stewart Snyder
Impact and Innovation Officer
In her position as marketing and communications officer, Katie’s role is to manage all communications initiatives for the CEI, as well as the social media presence of StFX Extension, and provide other departmental support as required.
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Addy Strickland
Impact and Innovation Officer
Addy joined the Centre for Employment Innovation (CEI) team in July 2021, and currently holds the title of Impact and Innovation Officer. She’s excited about work surrounding youth engagement and community development, and looks forward to any opportunity to tie art and storytelling into her work.
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Veronica Torres
Program Teaching Staff
Veronica Torres joins the Coady Institute with global experience in adult education working with practitioners focused on gender equality, social inclusion, and alignment of power and asset-based development.
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Marian Li Turniawan
Program Teaching Staff
Marian Turniawan joined the Coady Institute as a Research Coordinator for the Centre for Employment Innovation (CEI) in April 2021, then became a Research Officer for the wider Institute in April 2023 before moving into the role of Program Teaching Staff with a Climate Focus in May 2024.
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Charlene Worth
Admissions Lead
Charlene provides effective leadership, direction and guidance to the Admissions team.
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