Coady’s teaching staff are skilled facilitators who use participatory adult education methods to draw out the insights and experiences of learners, while at the same time introducing new ideas and approaches to societal change.


Eileen Alma
MA, Director
Women and Indigenous Programming

Adam Baden-Clay
BA, Adv Dip Mgt, Manager of Youth Programs

Brenda Berger
Education Program Assistant, Recruitment and Admissions
Student Services

Ashley Bouchie
Coordinator Systems and Technology

Corrine Cash
PhD, Senior Program Staff

Naima Chowdhury
M.Sc., Women’s Leadership and Gender Specialist

Jody Cook
Financial Analyst

Lola Corkum
Finance Officer

Gord Cunningham
MA, Assistant Director

David Fletcher
MAdEd, Senior Program Staff

Yogesh Kumar Ghore
MPA, Senior Program Staff

Susan Hawkes
Communications Coordinator

Catherine Irving
MA, Library Specialist

Michelle Isenor
Administrative Assistant
Student Services

Wendy Kraglund-Gauthier
PhD, Manager
Networks and Ongoing Learning

Julien Landry
MA, Program Teaching Staff

Brian Lazzuri
Marketing Manager

Erin MacDonald
BA, Manager, Education Programs

Janet MacDonald
BA, Manager, Recruitment & Admissions

Jenny MacDonald
Marketing Coordinator

Erin MacKenzie
Program Assistant

Robin Neustaeter
PhD, Program Teaching Staff

Karri-Lynn Paul
BA(Hons), Teaching Staff
Indigenous Programs


Brianne Peters
MA, Senior Program Staff
Program Coordinator
Citizen-Led Development Program

Shelagh Savage
BA, Associate Director
Partnerships & Organizational Learning

Vicky Schreiber
BIS, Program Manager

Anthony Scoggins
MA, Director, Education Programs

Cathy Sears
BSc, Library Assistant

Eric Smith
B. Hums, MA, MEL Analyst

Cindy Thompson
BComm, Recruitment and Educational Partnerships Coordinator

Kate Thomson
BSc, Education Coordinator

Leslie Tinkham
Manager, Major Gifts

June Webber
Coady International Institute
Extension Department
St. Francis Xavier University

Charlene Worth
Acting Manager
Recruitment and admissions



Natalie Abdou
BA, Associate

Victoria Bauman
B.A., Associate

Nicole Baden-Clay
RN, BScN, Associate

Colleen Cameron
RN, BN, MAdEd, Associate
Community Driven Health Impact Assessment

Bernard Guri

Farouk Jiwa
BSc. (Hons) Associate

Cynthia Khoury
BA, Facilitator

Pattie LaCroix
MA, Associate

Steve Law

Pauline MacIntosh
MA, B.Ed, Associate


Samuel Madesi
M.Ad.Ed, Associate

Carmen Malena
MPhil, Associate

Alison Mathie
PhD, Associate

C.S. Reddy
M.Phil, Associate

Emily Sikazwe
M.AdEd, MSc, Associate

Maureen St. Clair
M.AdEd, Associate

Bettina von Lieres