Rhonda Head is a participant in Coady’s Indigenous Women in Community Leadership program, looking forward to graduating later this winter.

As a five-time international award winning classical singer from Opaskwayak Cree Nation, Rhonda fuses classical music and the Cree language. In November 2018, she released the classic Ava Maria in Cree.

Now, as a Coady participant, Rhonda is in the mentorship and community engagement phase of the program where she and her colleagues are implementing community initiatives with the support of Coady teaching staff, peers, and handpicked mentors.

The first of a two-part series aimed to spread messages of love in the face of a suicide epidemic among Indigenous youth in Canada, Rhonda has released Kisahkihitin (I Love You).

Kipayten kisahkihitin
Kipayten kisahkihitin
Pimatisiwin tapwe
Pimatisiwin tapwe
Kakeke kakeke
Can you hear me?
I said can you hear me?
t’s true

“This program motivates us,” Rhonda says. “[It] helps us heal and gives us lifelong teachings through a traditional and spiritual teaching sense. As a result, our spirit is being strengthened.”

Watch the video below:

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