Advocacy: Increasing Citizen Voice and Agency

November 6 – November 23, 2018
Application Closed

This certificate provides practitioners with insights into the underlying concepts and current trends in advocacy and mobilizing citizens for action. Through discussions about written and video case studies and exercises to apply strategic planning tools, participants will enhance their ability to create an enabling and just environment for development through their advocacy campaigns.

Personal benefits

  • Develop skills in influencing public policy at various levels; visioning; contextual analysis; problem/issue identification; power mapping; goal setting; analyzing arenas for action; strategy selection; lobbying and negotiation; citizen mobilization; coalition-building; and monitoring and evaluating advocacy campaigns
  • Learn the theoretical foundations, and critical issues, in human rights advocacy
  • Strengthen communication skills which are to key to making an effective case for change

Organizational benefits

  • Increase capacity to strategize and coordinate joint advocacy campaigns
  • Improve consistency and effectiveness of advocacy campaigns
  • Identify organizational legitimacy and credibility to undertake advocacy
  • Enable greater influence in public policy and mobilizing public opinion to support social, economic, and political change.

Who should take the program?

This program is designed for new and/or experienced advocacy and development practitioners who work with human rights and social justice organizations, primarily in the global South.


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