Vyonne B. Akoth, class speaker

Eighteen women leaders from 18 countries graduated September 27 from Coady’s Global Change Leaders program in a ceremony with participants, staff, community members, and family.

“Thank you for offering women leaders from different countries a chance to strengthen our leadership skills,” class speaker Vyonne B. Akoth from Kenya said. “As we prepare to go home and face our realities, let us celebrate our achievements and experiences from Coady with humility. For us, we are not sad that it is finished, but we are glad that it happened.”

Interim President of StFX University, Dr. Kevin Wamsley also addressed the class.

“I was asked to provide you with advice,” he said “You know what – you are already ‘Global Change Leaders’ in my mind with all of the various work that you do in your communities. Since you are already change leaders, my advice would be – go lead. Stick to your personality. Don’t be somebody that you’re not. Be stubborn. Be so stubborn. You have to be – that’s how change happens.

Dr. Kevin Wamsley, interim StFX University president.

“Finally, be relentless, because we have to change this world. This world is tired of old, white men leading. Your time is now. The future is yours. The world needs you so much. We’re very, very proud that you’ve come to our program to share your life experiences with us.”

Congratulations to the newest members of Coady’s global graduate network!

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