Thirty-five community leaders from thirteen countries around the globe celebrated their accomplishments as they each graduated from one of Coady’s three new thematic certificate offerings: Promoting Accountable Democracies, Building Resilient Communities, and Strengthening Inclusive Economies.

Class speaker Juliana Anosike of Nigeria represented the Promoting Accountable Democracies class.

“To share the knowledge we acquired here, we decided to teach by example. We came up with this flower that holds the key to democratic service delivery.”

Juliana and her classmates each presented one crafted flower petal that represented a key component of their learning experience.

“Good governance,”





“Equity and inclusion,”

“Effectiveness and efficiency,”

“And the rule of law.”

“For us, these are the principles that should guide our daily lives and everyday democracy,” she concluded.

Congratulations to the new graduates, who join more than 8,000 Coady graduates globally, representing more than 130 countries worldwide.