Jackie Lidubwi (Global Change Leaders, 2017) is a television producer for Kenya Broadcasting Company (KBC). Her goal is to create platforms for women, youth, and people with disabilities. Some of her recent producing credits include “Abled Differently” – a weekly magazine show “that enlightens the community at large on the issues and stories encountering those who are abled differently”, and “Women at the Forefront” – a segment focusing on women’s empowerment and part of KBC’s Good Morning Kenya program.

In early December, Jackie was presented with the Sanaa Theater Award for Best Production of a TV Comedy Recorded Before a Live Audience for the KBC program, Comedy Arena. In Jackie’s words, the program is a “platform I created for the youth and women to showcase their talent.”

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When reflecting on her experience as a participant in Coady’s Global Change Leaders program for women leaders Jackie says, “The [program] has been an eye opener. To me leadership has always been about inspiring and empowering others. The greatest lesson I have learned is that leadership is from within.”