Mica Francis

Women’s Support Worker, Antigonish Women’s Resource Centre & Sexual Assault Services (AWRCSASA)
YIP Intern (1999)

In 1999, Mica Francis graduated from StFX University at the top of her class with a BA in Human Kinetics, with an advanced major in Women & Gender Studies. Mica was one of the first graduates of the Women & Gender program, a popular interdisciplinary program celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

After graduation, Mica traveled to Nepal as a Coady intern, where she was first exposed to the global inequalities for women. From there, she made her way to South Korea to teach ESL, followed by her BEd at StFX, and then she spent time teaching in Ethiopia and the North West Territories.

Who knew that a full decade later, she would end up back in Antigonish working in “her first love” – women-focused work. In 2008, Mica stopped into the Antigonish Women’s Resource Centre (an organization she came to respect during her undergrad) to see whether she could volunteer. She saw a posting for “outreach worker” – her dream job. The rest is “herstory.” She has been working for the AWRC ever since.

AWRC is an independent, feminist and community-based organization that strives to lower and remove barriers in society primarily for women, girls, Two-Spirit, trans and non-binary people.

 “As a women’s support worker, I am inspired every day by the people for whom we provide services. In the face of poverty, mental health concerns, gender-based violence and constant social and economic barriers, these women-identified persons exude such resilience and perseverance to not only survive, but thrive, and provide for and care for their families and communities.”

Mica’s advice for young women as they begin their careers:

“It is okay to not have it all figured out on graduation day – a multitude of diverse experiences including internships, jobs, and practicums can define a ‘career,’ a journey of learning and growth, both professionally and personally – learning about yourself, the gifts you have to offer, what you love and don’t love and ultimately what will be the ‘right fit’ for all of the things you want for your future.”

It’s okay to not have it all figured out.

Mica Francis