StFX University recently announced an outstanding $14.5 million contribution from the Jeannine Deveau Education Equity Fund. This funding will support the creation of two new centres on campus: the Deveau Centre for Indigenous Governance and Social Justice and the Black Student Success Centre.

It also includes a five-year commitment to Coady Institute’s Circle of Abundance – Amplifying Indigenous Women’s Leadership programs alongside many other programs and projects across the university.

We share our deepest gratitude today and always to the Deveau family for their dedicated support to education equity, and to our work here at Coady and StFX.

“I hope that when we think of Jeannine Deveau, we think of a woman who cared, deeply – and we think of the ways in which we can all leave a legacy.”

– Dr. Andy Hakin, StFX University President and Vice Chancellor

L to R: Deveau Scholar and fourth year StFX student Mya Slawter, Bill and Jeanine Gunn, StFX President Dr. Andy Hakin, emcee and StFX faculty member Dr. Jonathan Hood, and Dr. Martha Fanjoy, representing the Coady Institute’s Circle of Abundance.