Julien Landry

Program Teaching Staff

Julien joined the Coady International Institute in April 2015 as Program Teaching Staff in the area of citizen engagement, advocacy and accountability. Julien brings over 10 years of experience at the intersection of citizen participation, community development and adult education, both in Canada and internationally (Latin America, Africa and Asia). His work is grounded in the belief that any development initiative must enable citizens and communities to participate meaningfully in the decisions that affect them. To this end, he has worked in several fields: participatory planning with community groups, public officials and urban planners, collaborative governance aimed at promoting accountability and social inclusion, human rights education and social mobilization, youth-centered community development programs, organizational development and strategic planning.

Prior to joining the Coady Institute, Julien worked with Equitas – International Centre for Human Rights Education as Education Specialist, where he designed and facilitated participatory education programs aimed at developing the knowledge and skills of civil society organizations to use human rights-based approaches in their advocacy and mobilization work.

Julien’s responsibilities include facilitating the Institute’s educational programs, developing curricula, engaging in research and supporting on- and off-campus projects and initiatives in the areas of citizen engagement, advocacy, social accountability, good governance and accountable democracy.

Julien holds a Master’s Degree in Urban Planning (Community Development and Social Planning) from the University of British Columbia and a B.A. in International Development and Political Science from McGill University.

Selected Publications:

Landry, J. & C. Galofre. (2012). The Equitas Community: An Online Community of Practice Supporting Human Rights Education. IDRC. Learning Forum: Virtual Platforms for Knowledge Management in International Development.

Landry, J. & L. Angeles. (2011). Institutionalizing Participation in Municipal Policy Development: Preliminary Lessons from a Start-Up Process in Plateau-Mont-Royal. Canadian Journal of Urban Research: Canadian Institute of Planners Special Issue 20(1): 105-130.

Clementino, M.L. Miranda, M.D., Picanço Bentes Sobrinha, P. Boothroyd, E. De Castro & J. Landry. (2011). Building Capacity for Collaborative Governance: Exploring the University’s Role. Fourth International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation, Madrid.