Kate Ibeanusi

Country: Nigeria

Current Organization: Initiative for Sustaining Family Unity

Organization at the time you received Katie Fleming Award from Coady: Prisoners Rehabilitation and Welfare Action (PRAWA)

How did receiving the Katie Fleming award inspire you?

For me, the Katherine Fleming award was a validation of my work. It inspired me to engage more with my community of influence. It was my first award and an opportunity that has marked a turnaround in my career as a women/girls rights advocate. I have since received another award of recognition from ‘The Awareness Project’ by Domestic Violence United Kingdom and was able to take part in a fellowship at the African Leadership Center/Kings College London on Peace and Security for African Women. I believe the award was a door opener.

What does your organization do, how does it help develop your community?

My current organization, which I founded just before coming to Coady, is a family service organization with the vision of ‘a society where the family unit is built on trust, mutual respect, and responsibility to one another.’ We are working to achieve this through the provision of qualitative services to members of society for the actualization of violence free families through counselling, trainings, referrals, advocacy, and legal aid. Through our efforts, we are raising awareness among young people on basic human rights and gender based violence, teaching them how to respond while providing tailor made service to members of society who are experiencing domestic violence.


How did your studies at Coady improve your ability to be a change leader?

My Coady experience was eye opening on many fronts. It showed me in practical terms how one can learn while incorporating field experience and applying the learning at the same time. It was an opportunity that empowered me to look deep within myself. It provided the space to analyze my strengths, capabilities, and weaknesses. Above all, it emboldened me to believe in my cause and pursue it selflessly with or without material rewards. Coady Institute and all it stands for has a liberating influence on the participants, that I have not been able to see elsewhere. I was once in a situation where all I wanted to do was come back to Coady for a bit just to connect with the essence of who I am and find that strong positive connection that enables one to go all the way.

Coady Institute and all it stands for has a liberating influence on the participants, that I have not been able to see elsewhere.

Kate Ibeanusi

2014 Katherine Fleming International Development Award recipient