Dear Coady International Institute alumni:

I write to inform you that, earlier today, St. Francis Xavier University and Coady International Institute presented an update to Coady’s programmatic and organizational structure. These necessary changes will set Coady on a more sustainable path and address the fiscal reality of an operational budget that is nearly half of previous years. These budget changes are due, in part, to the changing nature of available external funding, and a substantial operating deficit that is projected to continue into 2019/20.

The reorganization will include workforce reduction and changes to the types of programs currently offered by Coady. Over the coming weeks, we will be working very closely with faculty and staff to minimize the impact of these changes, including not filling current job vacancies and presenting colleagues with options for voluntary separation and early retirement.

The decision to restructure is not one made easily. Obviously, this is a challenging time for the Coady community; however, our leadership team commits to implementing changes in an open and honest manner with compassion and respect.

As alumni, I am reaching out to assure you Coady International Institute’s commitment to equitable leadership and community development is firm. The focus will remain on local and global asset-based community development through education, innovation, and partnership. Programs that benefit youth, women, indigenous, and other historically underrepresented groups will remain our priority.

These changes, while challenging, are necessary to ensure our long-term financial sustainability and position Coady International Institute for continued success in a vastly changing era of global development. As Vice-President Coady International Institute, I commit to keeping you updated and answering any questions you may have during this transition.


June Webber, PhD
Vice President
Coady International Institute and Extension Department
St. Francis Xavier University