Coady partner organization Centre for Educational Exchange with Vietnam (CEEVN) is hosting Coady’s Gord Cunningham (Executive Director) and Yogesh Ghore (Senior Program Staff) this week in Cao Bằng Province, Vietnam.

Supported by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Coady and CEEVN have developed a five-year project in support of 70,000 smallholder women and men farmers to improve their income and reduce vulnerability to climate change.

This week, Gord and Yogesh led a Producer-Led Value Chain Development workshop that hosted projects leaders – including Coady Fellow Quang Trieu – as well as the Governor of State and other dignitaries.

Meanwhile Coady’s Karri-Lynn Paul (Teaching Staff, Indigenous Programs) and Eileen Alma (Director, Women and Indigenous Programming) delivered a workshop focused on Asset-Based and Citizen-Led Development in partnership with Further Education Society (FESA) in Calgary, which hosted participants from several of Indigenous communities in Alberta and Northern Ontario.

As a core focus of the 2017-2022 strategic plan, Coady strives to foster intentional, equitable, and multi-stakeholder partnerships for collaborative change.

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