As Coady International Institute prepares to welcome the fifth cohort of OceanPath fellows in June, the Pathy Family Foundation has announced an increased commitment to the program. Participating fellows will now be eligible to receive up to $40,000 for their chosen community initiative – an increase of $15,000 per project.

OceanPath Fellowship, a yearlong program coordinated by Coady International Institute and funded by the Pathy Family Foundation, provides community-focused experiential learning opportunities for exceptional young leaders to become active and effective change-makers. Fellows work closely with communities to foster sustainable and positive social change in Canada, and around the world.

Eight to twelve graduates from four Canadian partner universities are selected from a pool of applicants each year. After completing introductory courses and project planning phases at Coady International Institute, fellows embark on a nine-month community phase where they lead the implementation of an initiative they have designed in partnership with a local community. Then, they return to Coady for debrief and evaluation. Coady staff provide facilitation, mentorship, and administrative support throughout the yearlong process.

Youth, women, and Indigenous populations remain Coady’s three key constituencies (read more in Coady’s 2017-2022 Institutional Strategy). Young people are at the heart of today’s important strategic opportunities and challenges, from rebuilding the global economy to combating violent extremism to building a sustainable environment. Coady programs, including the OceanPath Fellowship, support young leaders in their aspiration for positive social change.

The fourth OceanPath cohort will arrive on campus in May to complete their fellowship, just weeks before the fifth cohort arrives for their foundation coursework in June.

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To read more about past and ongoing community projects by OceanPath fellows, visit the alumni page .