Preet Banga

Storying Climate Change Intern

Preet recently accepted the role of the Storying Climate Change Intern with the Coady Institute this summer and is working with Clean Foundation. Preet recently graduated from StFX with a First Class Honours degree in the Bachelors of Arts in Psychology with a special concentration in Forensic Psychology. Preet is interested in topics such as climate change, women empowerment, and community-led development, which inspired her to work at Coady.

During her time at StFX, Preet received research funding (Irving Research Mentorship Award and Mckenna Leadership Grants) to conduct research on climate change anxiety (CCA) and identify populations that are most vulnerable to experiencing (CCA). Preet defended her honours thesis in March this year.

In her free time, Preet likes to be outdoors. She likes to swim, run and go on hiking adventures with her friends. Preet is originally from New Delhi, India, and really likes Indian, Thai and Korean cuisines, among others.

Reach out to Preet if you would like to attend climate conferences/webinars/workshops together, or simply to have a conversation.