(Pictured left to right: Senator Colin Deacon, Senator Mary Coyle, Executive Director Coady Institute and StFX Extension Gord Cunningham, Director Women and Indigenous Programming Eileen Alma, Senator Dr. Stan Kutcher, Usher of the Black Rod J. Greg Peters)


Senator and former Coady director Mary Coyle hosted Coady’s Executive Director Gord Cunningham, and Director Women and Indigenous Programming Eileen Alma, May 7 for a tour of Parliament of Canada.

Gord and Eileen are in Ottawa to meet with partner organizations, civil society organizations, and government agencies.

During the tour, Senator Coyle delivered a statement to Senate of Canada highlighting Coady’s 60th anniversary, impactful history, and ongoing work.

“The Coady International Institute is a national treasure,” Senator Coyle said.

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