Strengthening Inclusive Economies

Strengthening Inclusive Economies

September 30 to October 18, 2019
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During this course, participants will explore key concepts related to the structure and dynamic of local economies, and examine different approaches to making these economies more inclusive and equitable. The relationship between local and global economies will be explored, along with issues and implications for driving sustainable local economic change.  Tools for analysis of local economies and the value chains in which citizens are engaged will be presented, as shall different approaches to community-based finance. Particular attention shall be paid to community-based enterprises, including co-operative and social enterprises. Case studies will be drawn from participants’ own experience as well as notable and inspiring local economic development examples globally. Field visits in the local region will serve to reinforce concepts and practice tools introduced in the classroom.

Personal Benefits

By the end of this course, participants can expect to be able to:

  • Better understand the structure and dynamic of local economies, including how they are nested within regional, national and global economies;
  • Analyze the existing state of a local economy, identify opportunities to strengthen those economies and assess the effects of any intervention.
  • Develop strategies for helping communities strengthen their local economies


A variety of participatory and experiential learning methods will be used including: mini-presentations by facilitators, role plays, case study analysis, simulation exercises, field-based practice of tools and small group discussions.

Who should take the program?

This program is designed for change leaders working to drive sustainable community economic development. Prospective participants likely work for or are engaged with civil society organizations, NGOs, local enterprise development agencies; community organisations, social movements and issue-based coalitions and networks.

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Most qualified candidates receive a bursary to assist with program costs. Those receiving a bursary are responsible for fees payable of at least $2,300 CAD for fall programs.
Please note that Coady International Institute does not accept third party applications. Individuals need to submit their application via Coady’s website and should use caution when approached by those offering services to complete the application and admissions process.

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