Gord Cunningham, Assistant Director, speaks to The News about an upcoming field study in Pictou County.

“The visit is part of a course Fraser and other community leaders from Canada and about 10 other countries from around the world are taking this spring at StFX University’s Coady Institute called Asset-based and Citizen-led Development.

During their field study visit the participants will have a chance to learn about Pictou County and give their perspective on its strength and assets.

The asset-based approach is unique in that often when it comes to development people look at what’s wrong and try to fix it, says Gord Cunningham, assistant director Coady International Institute. Asset-based is different because it focuses on what’s already strong and finds ways to build on those strengths. The other aspect the course focuses on is endeavors that are community-led rather than waiting on government or corporations to create positive change.”