St. Francis Xavier University’s Extension Department’s Topshee Memorial Fund presents Building Back Better for Nova Scotian Workers


Each year on April 28, Canada observes the National Day of Mourning to remember and honour workers who have lost their lives or have been injured in the workplace. Here, in Nova Scotia, members of the labour movement and others gather for memorial services across the province including at Westray Memorial Park in New Glasgow where the 26 miners who perished in the Westray Mine explosion on May 9, 1992 are honoured.

This year the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour, St. Francis Xavier University Extension Department, and Coady Institute are commemorating the National Day of Mourning by launching a new webinar series, Building Back Better for Nova Scotian Workers. The first webinar takes place online April 28 from 7 to 8 p.m. and focuses on Worker Health and Safety. A panel of guests will discuss the Westray experience and legacy and what occupation, health, and safety measures mean for workers in the midst of Covid-19.

Nova Scotia Federation of Labour President Danny Cavanaugh, Nova Scotia Government Employee Relations Officer Nicole McKim, and Westray Memorial Park Director Allen Martin will headline the panel. StFX Extension Department’s Topshee Memorial Fund is presenting the series with program staff member Pauline MacIntosh serving as panel moderator.

The Topshee Memorial Fund was established in 1984 to honour the memory of Reverend George Topshee. Topshee was a former Director of the StFX Extension Department (1969-1982) who during his tenure worked to maintain close links to organized labour, co-operators, and credit unions. Topshee was an “Antigonish Movement” person and saw workers in their trade unions and consumers and producers in their co-operatives and credit unions as part of the same cause for social justice and economic democracy.

Leaders  of unions and community organzations across Atlantic Canada initiated the Topshee Memorial Fund to provide for conferences and/or other events to honour Topshee’s name and carry forward the work to which he had devoted his life. Between 1984 and 2004, StFX Extension hosted 18 Topshee Memorial Conferences with nearly 5,000 participants taking part in them. These conferences provided a forum in which people from all walks of life could meet to discuss critical social and economic issues affecting life in Atlantic Canada.

Photo Caption: Topshee Conference participants gather on the campus of St. Francis Xavier University August 1989. The Conference focused on Democracy and Power: Local Action with participants examining the possibilities for meaningful change in society based on effective social action. (Courtesy of StFX Archives)


The Building Back Better for Nova Scotian Workers series seeks to continue the dialogue within the context of today’s society. Future topics for the monthly series will include affordable childcare, $15 minimum wage, labour standards, domestic violence, and affordable housing. The series is scheduled to take place the last Wednesday of each month.

Those seeking to join the discussion can join the April 28 webinar by going to

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