Citizen-led change is fundamental to the realization of justice, rights, and abundance for all. Thinking and learning are crucial to doing collective action for community development. Known by different names, such as popular or adult education, or workshops, trainings, or study circles, people come together, in-person or online, to critically analyze, reflect, and strategize. This webinar highlights diverse practices of learning in and for community development in different contexts around the world.


Smita Bhatnagar
Self Employed Women’s Association,

Sahra Ryklief
International Federation of Workers’ Education Associations, South Africa 

Devon Bundy, Dr. Ron Milne, and Duane Winter
Nova Scotia Brotherhood Initiative,

Lilian Mbaga Liundi
Tanzania Gender Networking Programme (TGNP),

Angelina Jara Garcia and Sonia Covarrubias Kindermann
Educación Popular en Salud (EPES), Chile



Robin Neustaeter, Coady Institute