Tuesday, November 26, 9:00am-10:00am (AST)

Presenters: Olayinka Adeniyi, Mamatha Achanta, Tigist Temesgen, & Abiodun Essiet (2018 Women’s Leadership Research Fellows)

Moderator: Dr. Robin Neustaeter, Program Teaching Staff, Coady Institute

Great developments have been made in the advancement of women across the continents. More girls are attending school, access to healthcare has improved and more women are working in paid jobs. YET many challenges remain:

  • Women are disproportionately represented in governance and decision-making platforms.
  • Access to justice and social services for sexual abuse victims, particularly girl children, and their families remains elusive and insensitive.
  • Gender-based discrimination plagues many communities; thus, women frequently encounter incidents of sexual harassment in schools, communities, and the workplace.
  • Urban planning does not consider women and limits their ability to access education, work, and the formal labor economy at large.

Four Coady Women’s Leadership Research Fellows from South Africa, India, Ethiopia and Nigeria present their work and research in engendering livelihoods, justice, cities, and governance.  This webinar brings to the fore these women’s participatory action research projects.

Come join us online, listen, and learn to work … FOR THE WOMEN … WITH THE WOMEN

Join the live webinar via Blackboard Collaborate at https://tinyurl.com/y84rd7fd

Watch the webinar recording on YouTube at https://youtu.be/48NmNd3OiK8