Yogesh Kumar Ghore

Strategic Partnerships Advisor, Senior Program Teaching Staff

Yogesh is a senior program staff in the thematic area of Inclusive Economies at Coady where he facilitates the Iinstitute’s educational and training programs, research and knowledge building initiatives, and capacity strengthening efforts globally. He currently provides leadership to Coady’s programs on inclusive economic development, particularly in relation to smallholders/micro entrepreneurs and their livelihoods; practical development of community-led tools and methodologies for livelihood planning and value chain development; producer/member-based organizations in market systems; women’s economic empowerment; and social enterprises and their role in developing inclusive local economies. Yogesh has over sixteen years’ experience managing programs on poverty reduction, livelihoods, markets and enterprise development in India, Sub-Saharan Africa and North America. Yogesh started his professional career at the grassroots in central India, implementing poverty reduction programs of the Government and the World Bank. He designed and implemented community-based projects on watershed, irrigation, agricultural development, and micro-finance. Following this Yogesh worked in North Carolina, United States, providing ‘hands-on’ assistance to emerging enterprises and non-profit organizations in market research and analysis, business planning, process improvements, developing backward and forward linkages, networks and partnerships and internal and external communication.

Before coming to Coady, Yogesh was working in India with ACCESS Development Services (a CARE India promoted organization) managing innovative livelihoods programs. With ACCESS Yogesh initiated projects on value chain/subsector development, livelihoods finance and Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) enterprise development. Besides this, he has been a resource person to FAO’s work on Agri-business development in South and Southeast Asia.

Yogesh holds a Master of Public Administration (MPA) Degree from Columbia University, New York; Post Graduate Diploma in Forest Management from Indian Institute of Forest Management; Bachelor of Engineering from Government Engineering College Raipur, India; and a Certificate in Livelihoods and Markets from the Coady Institute. Yogesh is also a recipient of the Ford Foundation’s International Fellowships Program (IFP).

Selected Publications and Presentations

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