Transformative Leadership Education Programs
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New Course at Coady
Creating Just Food Systems: Cultural tools for local-global activism                      

Alumni in Action
Our alumni work to promote social justice and sustainable development around the world       

Digital Leaky Bucket
A tool that Coady graduates have been using with communities for more than 15 years     


  • "Coady's unique way of raising leaders through learning by doing has offered me (I believe for other participants) new alternatives to working with local people for positive change in our communities"
    Nelson Adanuti
  • "I can't achieve my dream alone, I need to do it with others. Together we can make a difference."
    Inviolata Mwali Mmbwavi
  • "When I came to the Coady Institute I expected to learn from the courses. But what's most amazing is not only the courses but the way they are taught and the opportunity to learn from other people's experiences - leaders who are changing the context in their own countries. The whole Coady environment is very inspirational."
    Suran Maharjan
  • "I know my goal but I do not always know how to get there. Coady shows me the route to my goal."
    Asma Ismail Nombamba