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Coady International Institute contributes to the advancement of knowledge in the field of development by documenting its practice and experience, as well as that of its partners.

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  • "I will never forget the tremendous roles and responsibilities that Coady developed in me … to be a good leader among my people in the new nation of the Republic of South Sudan."
    Barnaba Okony Gilo Oriat – Diploma ‘08
  • "I can't achieve my dream alone, I need to do it with others. Together we can make a difference."
    Inviolata Mwali Mmbwavi
  • "When I came to the Coady Institute I expected to learn from the courses. But what's most amazing is not only the courses but the way they are taught and the opportunity to learn from other people's experiences - leaders who are changing the context in their own countries. The whole Coady environment is very inspirational."
    Suran Maharjan
  • "I know my goal but I do not always know how to get there. Coady shows me the route to my goal."
    Asma Ismail Nombamba