To the StFX community and alumni, partners, and friends of Coady International Institute –

I want to share with you the latest news from Coady, and to address the attention the Institute is receiving of late.

Coady’s 2018 programming is progressing well. Our enrollment is very strong this year, due, in large part, to the excellent work of our Recruitment and Admissions team. Participants in our on- and off-campus programs continue to extol the benefits of, and appreciation for, having attended Coady. We are both excited and pleased to report that Coady development principles are once again being applied at home, as we create links between our local and global programming. With our many partners and participants from around the world, we are opening new doors and creating relationships that will advance our work in Nova Scotia, throughout Canada and around the world. Our latest Coady Connection newsletter provides an update on our work and programming as well the impact our participants are having in their own communities.

In concert with this tremendous work, we are in the midst of implementing our Institutional Strategy, a plan developed through consultation and collaboration with staff, community, and external stakeholders that took well over a year to complete. However, as we move forward with implementation, it is important to acknowledge the challenges inherent in progress and change, and to be cognizant of where and how we must do better.

Recently, there have been reports of some who are unhappy with the new strategic direction. Of course, this is disappointing to all who continue to work hard to deliver Coady’s mission on a daily basis. However, the successful delivery of our on- and off-campus programs is our focus. Coady’s faculty (who deliver our core educational programs), and the operations team supporting our programming, are contributing to strong results – as are the myriad staff members who keep the Institute running optimally.

All of our staff members are essential to advancing our strategic direction. As we navigate change, the directors and I are working hard on a number of fronts. Our priority is to continue to provide employees with avenues of meaningful input while offering necessary support. We remain committed to the Institute’s priorities. We are listening, and hearing, and working together to address concerns, and further engage with Coady colleagues to build a strong, collaborative culture that will make everyone proud. I want to thank them as well as StFX President Dr. Kent MacDonald and the StFX executive team for their continued support as we implement our strategy and navigate change.

We appreciate we must do more to communicate the role Coady is set to play in the 21st century. At the same time, our primary task is ensuring the Institute is on a firm and sustainable programmatic and financial footing for the future. This remains our priority.

Finally, on an unrelated, but very serious, note, StFX has filed legal action over the alleged misappropriations of funds by the former finance director of Coady. Prompted by the discovery of financial inaccuracies earlier this summer, StFX administration notified the university’s auditors as well as the RCMP and is currently conducting a forensic investigation. This discovery initiated a thorough examination of our internal processes to ensure future integrity and security. At this time, I can report that we have identified no further irregularities and are confident this matter has been isolated.

On behalf of the staff and faculty of Coady, I thank all those who have voiced their support and look forward to the many successes ahead working with our participants and communities in Nova Scotia, Canada and around the world.

Should you like to know more about Coady’s activities and plans please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.


June Webber, PhD
Vice President
Coady International Institute and Extension Department
St. Francis Xavier University