How can we prepare our communities to respond to changes in environmental, economic, political, cultural, and social systems? How do we ensure a voice in public decisions and actions that affect our lives, hold power holders accountable for their actions and decisions? How can we drive sustainable community economic development?

Thirty-five participants from 14 countries have arrived at the StFX University campus to explore these questions and more, through a new set of thematic certificates.

Participants from Angola, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Haiti, India, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, South Africa, Swaziland, and Uganda will participate in experiential learning –  in classroom and community – in the areas of Building Resilient Communities, Promoting Accountable Democracies, and Strengthening Inclusive Economies over a three-week period.

Please join us in welcoming the newest cohort of community leaders striving for positive social change.