Esther Ikale Ekitela

Education Expert

Upendo Women Initiative Turkana, KENYA

Upendo Women Initiative Turkana is a women’s association that empowers women economically by strengthening their household livelihood resilience through financial self-assistance, known as Table Banking. They support the improvement of food security, health, and nutritional status of their families and help their children achieve quality education which goes a long way in building the welfare of the community at large. They have also established entrepreneurial initiatives which have strengthened their financial capacity.

I support the association in helping them identify their assets and capacities in terms of abilities and gifts so that they can provide homemade solutions to the problems in the community. I also support the association in making network connections with partners who can help with capacity building on financial management. The intervention has enabled the women to access credits that have empowered them economically. They have been able to be entrepreneurs leading to poverty reduction, increased income, and improved community economic growth.

“I want to develop and adopt innovative approaches and apply them to my change initiative to support the sustainability of interventions and equitable development in my community. I will also collaborate with other participants through knowledge sharing and networking to enhance my knowledge and skills.”