Facilitation and Training Approaches for Community-led Change

Facilitation and Training Approaches for Community-led Change


Development practitioners, trainers, and educators in this course learn participatory design and facilitation approaches and techniques. You will improve your skills through hands-on, small group practice and strengthen your knowledge of principles and practices of transformative education. Collectively, you will create strategies for overcoming challenges in your own work.

Personal Benefits

You will:

  • learn participatory design and facilitation techniques;
  • strengthen knowledge of theories, principles, and practices of transformative, emancipatory adult education and participatory training;
  • build skills to recognize and demonstrate different curriculum design theories and practices, with particular emphasis on participatory approaches; and
  • learn creative strategies for analyzing issues and overcoming challenges experienced in facilitation and training in the field.

Organizational Benefits

After completing the course, you will be able to:

  • design and implement training and process facilitation within your community and organization; and
  • develop strategies for inter-agency collaboration and relationship building in participatory education and training.

Who should take the Program?

This certificate course is designed for people who do a significant amount of facilitation in their work and want to explore new theories, principles, and practices in participatory adult education and training approaches.

Classroom Methods

The course will include a variety of participatory and experiential learning methods by which participants will share their experiences and deepen their learnings. These will include lecture presentations, small group discussions, role-plays and simulation exercises, video/written case studies, guest speakers, and skill-building exercises. Participants will benefit from visits to local field sites to engage practitioners and dialogue with stakeholders. All presentations and instructional materials will be in English.


The tuition fee for this course is $850. Coady Institute strives to ensure change leaders working in communities around the world have access to its courses. This is made possible through the provision of bursaries that are funded by many individual and institutional donors. Partial bursaries of up to $475 are available for qualifying candidates. Through Coady’s Circle of Abundance, a limited number of full bursaries are available to First Nations, Métis, and Inuit participants residing in Canada. Those receiving a bursary will be responsible for paying the balance of their tuition before the designated deadline.

Full bursaries are available from the Centre for Employment Innovation (CEI) for eligible applicants from Nova Scotia. This includes applicants working for a program or agency engaged in employment services delivery, or engaged in social innovation activities to alleviate poverty, strengthen livelihoods, and create more equitable employment and entrepreneurial opportunities with and for systemically oppressed groups. For more information, visit the CEI Bursary Program page.


Please Note

Please note that Coady Institute does not accept third party applications. Individuals need to submit their application via Coady’s website and should use caution when approached by those offering services to complete the application and admissions process.