One People, One Heartbeat

Creating Connections through Art

One People, One Heartbeat

Creating Connections through Art

Kanwal Anil

Livelihoods and Markets (2019)

My artwork is truly inspired by the thought process I have had during the Covid-19 pandemic. Art is something I had left some 20 years back. This super normal situation inspired me to once again follow my heart. During the past three months, I have done a tremendous amount of art pieces and all of the art/crafts work I did have been a medium to spread positivity around, especially giving signals to my mind and the rest that all is going to be well. Specifically the three artworks shared here on this forum show a move towards positivity and indicate prayer as the ray of hope in such dreadful times. They also depict the prayers which have taken the form of colours which the artist in me has made. I had started to relax, calm my mind and slowly and steadily, day in and day out, it became my silent prayer for regaining the peace, good health, and prosperity the world has lost today. The alignment of my thoughts, prayers and actions culminated into a volley of such art and artefacts that adorn my home today. Which also gives immense happiness to my immediate family as well as my parents who once upon a time motivated me exceptionally to pursue it.


  1. Zubair Ahmad Sofi

    Wow..its so beautiful, valuable and admirable piece of work…the concept is so amazing. The theme of Madhubani painting is love for nature and religious motifs, peace within, and togetherness. to put it in perspective, divine love leads to internal peace which leads to togetherness.

    • Kanwal Anil

      Many thanks Dear Zubair for your appreciation in the form of such beautiful words.I am glad you could see the connection and chord i tried to strike with my submission.
      Much Love
      May the blessings of the divine always be on us!

  2. Pallavi

    Very beautiful pieces of art. Coming from a management professional, highly credible display of multitalented profile.

    • Kanwal Anil

      Thanks Pallavi . A s the Pen is mighty than the sword so is the paint Brush for me! This was a great way to send therapeutic vibes to my mind in these unusal times!

  3. Ranjan

    The artwork is really incredible and aligns with the foreward that the artist has crafted with true emotions.

    The foreward itself is a piece of Art where the artist/writer has painted a picture of her emotional upheaval during the crisis on the canvas of honesty.

    I am not sure if it was intentional, but I could really see an order in the three painting. While the first one highlights the slightly reluctant togetherness to face the circumstances, the second one is a quest for the harmonious peace of a higher order. Upon closer scrutiny the third painting looks as a surrender to the thoughtless word of Art.

    • Nidhi Pandey

      Hey Kanwal… some lovely work you have displayed here.. it is impressive to notice that u have nt restricted urself to one medium.. your work indicates a confident hand in whatever ur brush touches.. all the best for ur future endeavours.

      • Namita kaul

        Beautifully expressed…follow urself ..n ur heart..U hav a gud hand..

        • Kanwal Anil

          Thankyou ! I will definitely follow your advise!

    • Amit

      Very beautiful, each painting speaks for itself.

      • Kanwal Anil

        Many Thanks Dear Amit for your appreciation and continued support!

    • Kanwal Anil

      Dear Ranjan
      thankyou for being the first one to give your feedback in the form of such beautiful words of motivations.You have an exceptional understanding of art must say!
      Thankyou for making me feel so good about the humble contributions i made to this platform.I am truly indebted to this platform and connoisseur and viewers like you who not only took time out to view this exhibition but also acted with responsibility of leaving back a feedback for the Artist!

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