One People, One Heartbeat

Creating Connections through Art

One People, One Heartbeat

Creating Connections through Art

Kanwal Anil

Livelihoods and Markets (2019)

My artwork is truly inspired by the thought process I have had during the Covid-19 pandemic. Art is something I had left some 20 years back. This super normal situation inspired me to once again follow my heart. During the past three months, I have done a tremendous amount of art pieces and all of the art/crafts work I did have been a medium to spread positivity around, especially giving signals to my mind and the rest that all is going to be well. Specifically the three artworks shared here on this forum show a move towards positivity and indicate prayer as the ray of hope in such dreadful times. They also depict the prayers which have taken the form of colours which the artist in me has made. I had started to relax, calm my mind and slowly and steadily, day in and day out, it became my silent prayer for regaining the peace, good health, and prosperity the world has lost today. The alignment of my thoughts, prayers and actions culminated into a volley of such art and artefacts that adorn my home today. Which also gives immense happiness to my immediate family as well as my parents who once upon a time motivated me exceptionally to pursue it.


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