Lavinia Lingham

Social Worker

Voice For Change (VFC), Papua New Guinea

Voice for Change is a women’s human rights organization from Jiwaka Province of Papua New Guinea in an extremely difficult operational environment and remote, rural, and conflict conditions. We have been addressing the significant challenges faced by women and girls since 1996. With a vision of peace and gender equality for all, VFC works to end all forms of violence and to improve economic, social, and political opportunities for women and girls while building a society that promotes women’s human rights and equal participation.

I work as the project coordinator for the organization, ensuring that projects are implemented and milestones are met. I am responsible for leading and organizing the project activities, developing budgets, project schedules, scope statements and project plans, assigning tasks to team members and helping them understand what’s expected from them in terms of project milestones and deliverables. I also have human resource duties like creating contracts for employees and drafting policies and recruiting employees. I also do policy introduction sessions.

“I am hoping to pursue a career in development leadership (management) and HRM, and I believe Coady is a good example of how to do it ethically, gaining exposure, learning innovative skills, and approaches for leadership in asset-based, just, and sustainable development with long-term success.”