This agenda features an outline of what happened over the four conference days.

September 21 Opening Ceremony and Plenary: Local Women’s Voices for Peace – 20 Years of 1325
  Global Session: Addressing UNSC1325 and Responding to Sexual Gender Based Violence in the Covid-19 Era
  LAC Session (Spanish-English): A review of gender-based violence in the LAC region: Sharing Lessons, Challenges, Opportunities, and civil society leadership over the past twenty years.
September 22 Asia-Pacific/ Australia Session: The Power of Pandemic Peacebuilding
  Southern Africa Session: Community Based Responses to GBV in Southern Africa
  Workshop (Skills): Conflict Resolution Practice
  Plenary: Strengthening Local Structures & Practices
  Global Session: Women’s Leadership in Conflict and Peacebuilding
  Workshop (Skills): Amplify Your Voice – Answering Your Questions About Communicating Effectively
September 23 South Asia Session: Local Women’s Voices for Peace in South Asia
  East Africa Session| South-Southeast Asia Session: Women-Led Storytelling and Art for Peacebuilding
  Indigenous (Canada) Session: From Where We Stand – Indigenous Women’s Voices & Perspectives
  Plenary: Addressing Cultural Norms
  Global Session 3: The Role of Education in Supporting WPS
  MENA Session: Local women voices for peace in the MENA region
September 24 Southeast Asia Session
  West Africa Session: Localization UNSCR1325: Building Resilience, Support Systems, Policies and the Capacities of Women in Mitigating Conflict at the Grassroots
  Session Afrique Francophone: Voix Féminine Locales pour la Paix et la Sécurité
  Workshop (Skills): How to tell/write your story effectively
  Plenary: Where to Next with 1325 Locally?
  Global Session 4: Supporting Ourselves, Supporting Each Other