Women’s work for peace and security in their communities is significant to the well-being of families, communities, societies, and the women themselves. Women’s experiences and ways of knowing that inform their practice and being are crucial to building peace. Yet, too often, women’s community work and knowledge are minimalized, marginalized or left out of the official record.

One of the goals of the Local Women’s Voices for Peace econference is to gather these personal, analytical, and creative expressions of women’s community peace and security work to provide resources and inspiration for peace activists, community leaders, educators and researchers. Entries will be selected to develop into submissions highlighting women’s experiences and knowledge in peacebuilding. The website of resources will be maintained as a place of stories, case studies, profiles, strategies, scholarship, research, and action for women’s peace work in communities. An anthology of contributions will also be compiled in an epublication format.

We are now welcoming expressions of interest. Contributions will be considered in two broad categories, open and peer-reviewed, to develop a diverse collection of insights, thinking and knowledge for multiple audiences. Suggested examples include:

  • Analyses and studies of the interconnections of grassroots work and international processes of networking and advocacy, in the context of resolutions such as 1325
  • Case studies
  • Policy engagement
  • Women’s grassroots experiences in peace activism
  • Profiles of women peace activists, educators and leaders
  • Educational resources and training tools
  • Artistic works such as poetry, songs, photos / photo essays, paintings and other forms of visual arts

We will follow up with the selected contributors to discuss the topic and format of your proposed entry and the support we can provide to assist in the completion of your work. Currently, we can only accept entries in English. We will update the guidelines whenever we are able to accommodate additional languages. We will begin reviewing submissions in late October, 2020. A deadline has not yet been set, we hope this will be an ongoing opportunity, depending on funding.

We look forward to your participation in this global knowledge building project celebrating women’s peace work.