Nishantha Kumara

Sri Lankan Representative of MasterPeace Foundation

MasterPeace Foundation, Sri Lanka

MasterPeace is a global, multi-award-winning, positive grassroots network of NGOs, social enterprises, partner organizations, active citizens, and artists that make the difference locally – at school, in the streets, and in the communities. From Kathmandu to Nairobi and Utrecht to Medellin, MasterPeace is active in more than 45 countries. Through a social franchise model we license local organizations as MasterPeace clubs.

As the Country Representative of MasterPeace Foundation, I work with local organizations and local communities to promote open, tolerant, and inclusive communities and celebrate diversity by creating a strong intercultural community in Sri Lanka. Also, I advocate to create and support fostering educational environments through which children, youths, and families of different religious communities experience collective success.

“I hope to gain a deeper understanding of strategies, methods, and tools associated with collective leadership and incorporate best practices to implement my community initiatives.”