One People, One Heartbeat

Creating Connections through Art

One People, One Heartbeat

Creating Connections through Art

Nur Istifarini Handayani

Livelihoods and Markets (2019)

The Art of Healthy Living on Moringa – Green Fresh Lifestyle is a storytelling via video. When we want to engage people by heart, healthy living is a good choice to be developed, predominantly in this pandemic year. A Startup Business of Homegrown Organic Moringa with Purpose as a Force for Good (Series# 2) is becoming my trigger idea to create a storytelling for ‘One People, One Heartbeat devoted to Coady Institute. Creating connections through art by delivering a healthy rich lifestyle with Moringa is good ‘art’ that needs to be socialized globally.

The two art-paintings were originally produced by myself as an artist/ painter. These two are a part of my collective art-work. The first art-painting is ‘Understanding a Balinese Art’. As we know when we want to build a good friendship across countries thus understanding a culture is a good option, and it can be started from the art of masterpieces in the country itself. Bali is a part of a beautiful island and tourist destination in Indonesia and deliver lots of Art Masterpieces. Currently, I have perfectly produced one to introduce Balinese Art globally. 

The second art-painting is “Women’s Role as a part of Community Building on Food Security System”. Empowered and participating are the key elements for women to be active on these issues. The third collective art-work piece is on textile materials that I made like storytelling. The pieces in my final art-work are derived from preloved stuff e.g. shoes, bags, jeans, etc. The purposes are reusing, renewal, and supporting a circular economy to enhance inclusive local economies in the context of renewal textile materials with art-painting.


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