One People, One Heartbeat

Creating Connections through Art

One People, One Heartbeat

Creating Connections through Art

Nur Istifarini Handayani

Livelihoods and Markets (2019)

The Art of Healthy Living on Moringa – Green Fresh Lifestyle is a storytelling via video. When we want to engage people by heart, healthy living is a good choice to be developed, predominantly in this pandemic year. A Startup Business of Homegrown Organic Moringa with Purpose as a Force for Good (Series# 2) is becoming my trigger idea to create a storytelling for ‘One People, One Heartbeat devoted to Coady Institute. Creating connections through art by delivering a healthy rich lifestyle with Moringa is good ‘art’ that needs to be socialized globally.

The two art-paintings were originally produced by myself as an artist/ painter. These two are a part of my collective art-work. The first art-painting is ‘Understanding a Balinese Art’. As we know when we want to build a good friendship across countries thus understanding a culture is a good option, and it can be started from the art of masterpieces in the country itself. Bali is a part of a beautiful island and tourist destination in Indonesia and deliver lots of Art Masterpieces. Currently, I have perfectly produced one to introduce Balinese Art globally. 

The second art-painting is “Women’s Role as a part of Community Building on Food Security System”. Empowered and participating are the key elements for women to be active on these issues. The third collective art-work piece is on textile materials that I made like storytelling. The pieces in my final art-work are derived from preloved stuff e.g. shoes, bags, jeans, etc. The purposes are reusing, renewal, and supporting a circular economy to enhance inclusive local economies in the context of renewal textile materials with art-painting.

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  1. Lee Nolan

    As a friend and compassionate believer in what Han is doing with this trend setting change maker attitude towards a healthy living conscious business, bringing people together all over the world I can only say that extraordinary is to say the least. I have been a keen follower of Hans work and it is astronomically well done with proficiency all looking to a non prejudice, or racist, gender neutral and creating equality for woman and those who can’t help themselves. The elderly and the disabled. Caring for our environment and people, Han is going to change the world.

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