Prisca Nandede

Senior Sociologist

Ministry of Water and Environment, Uganda

The Ministry of Water and Environment is a public organization under the Government of the Republic of Uganda. It is responsible for the sound management and sustainable utilisation of water and environment resources for the betterment of the population of Uganda.

I am a Senior Sociologist in the Ministry of Water and Environment, I contribute to the organization by implementing crosscutting issues that include: HIV/gender mainstreaming, social safeguards, community management based system and development/reviewing of crosscutting policies, strategies, and guidelines. Sociologists within the ministry are the main link of our organization to the community. We ensure that communities are engaged in all our projects, programmes, and activities.

“I hope to learn inclusive sustainable approaches to community development, advocacy, and citizen engagement skills. I also hope to learn new approaches and methods of problem solving. I also hope to understand the linkage between markets and community and network with other participants.”