Prossy Nantongo

Program Manager

Reach One Touch One Ministries (ROTOM) and Beautiful World Canada, UGANDA

ROTOM and Beautiful World Canada work to enhance the lives of vulnerable and orphaned girls/women living in poverty through education. They provide scholarships to young girls which includes; tuition, accommodation (housing), internship, stipend for personal supplies and medical care, mentorship, and employment preparation so that the girls can fully concentrate on their studies without having to worry about their basic needs. This helps the girls succeed after graduation.

My responsibility is to assist young girls and women supported by Beautiful World Canada in getting ready for the transition from school to the world of work since unemployment is still a major problem for young people – even those who have finished degree or diploma programs. My responsibility is to make sure that these young women and girls have the tools they need to find jobs. We do this through a series of planned workshops covering a variety of themes. My other role is to mentor these young girls become good citizens in Uganda and Rwanda

“I’m going to learn new skills and knowledge so I can use the appropriate techniques in my change initiative to support the young girls and women in my community. I will also be able to network with other participants and facilitators and exchange experiences on creative practices.”