Richard Osei Sarkodie

Senior Development Planning Office

Tano South Municipal Assembly, Ghana

Tano South Municipal Assembly is one of the six administrative districts in the newly created Ahafo Region of Ghana. It has a total working force of more than 50 personnel working with ethnic/religious minorities, farmers, government, civil service, indigenous people, people living in poverty and with disabilities, women, youth, formal, and informal sectors. Its purpose is to mobilize human, physical, and material resources to provide basic social services through the active participation of the people.

The organization works in the development and implementation of economic programmes and policies, preparation of medium-term development plans and community action plans, planning and implementation of development projects and programmes, sensitization of staff and stakeholders on government policies, development of staff capabilities, skills and knowledge, investigation of emerging development opportunities and making recommendations to assist those in need. I contribute to this through the design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of all development interventions.

“I hope to be equipped with the knowledge and practical tools, leadership development opportunities, innovative skills, approaches, and strategies to tackle complex issues and promote sustainable development and gain knowledge of the social framework for leadership abilities so I can motivate and empower communities for change.”