Sarwat Husain Naqvi


The Leprosy Mission Trust India (TLM)
Pratigya Vikas Sansthan (PVS), India

The organisation works with people affected by leprosy and other neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), people with disabilities, and marginalised communities – especially women.
It has a diverse set of programmes including healthcare, sustainable livelihood, community empowerment, advocacy, and research and training. These programmes are implemented through 15 hospitals, six vocational training centres, four residential care homes for elderly persons affected by leprosy, and nine community empowerment projects.

As a state coordinator, I take the initiative and facilitate the state in assessing the situation (epidemiological and operational) and design strategies to solve the problems contextualized in local state-specific situations. After taking stock of the available technical and managerial skills, I identify the needs and facilitate the state in planning state-level activities. This includes compiling result-based district plans and preparing a state plan of action with the inclusion of all external support elements while facilitating the training.

“My time at Coady will help me to influence change in policies, programs, and legislation, to create a supportive environment for ending stigma and promoting social inclusion and feminist ideologies while approaching a range of socio-political movements for the most marginalized communities and society at large.”