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Support social change makers this National Day of Giving

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As we approach the National Day of Giving (November 28), now more than ever, community leaders locally and globally need our support in creating educational opportunities and supporting leaders from around the world. Leaders who are tackling pressing global issues such as climate change, human rights and equality, the changing nature of work, and rising conflict and ethnic tensions. With 10,325 graduates (and counting!) Coady Institute works with participants and partners from 154 countries and territories to create just societies, generate peace, build sustainable and inclusive communities, and create a full and abundant life for all. Please join us by providing your support for these efforts.

For 64 years Coady Institute has worked alongside communities, partners, supporters, and governments to encourage transformational development with participants like Maria Omare, chosen by Former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, as one of Red’s Magazine’s The Next 25: 25 Visionaries to Watch! Our graduates are creating a just and equitable world through initiatives such as supporting pregnant girls in a Ugandan refugee settlement, tackling the housing crisis, and working towards decolonization.

“The financial support is a humanitarian gesture, it contributes in nearing the gap of equality and equity. Again, this support helps communities, especially the vulnerable, to be resilient through awareness, and raising and creating adaptive or coping strategies to unpredictable and unprecedented issues plaguing the world. [Coady programs] deal with contemporary issues faced by vulnerable groups and communities…”

Jicenta Nchangnwie Foncha, Cameroon
Pan African Institute for Development, West Africa
Community Led Solutions for Climate Change (2023); Social Enterprise for Inclusive Local Economy (2019); Livelihoods Markets (2018)

We have had a busy year at Coady Institute with the return of a newly designed Diploma in Development Leadership program welcoming participants from 11 countries and numerous in-person and online certificates with hundreds of participants while continuing our work alongside partner organizations such as SeedChange, Self-Employed Women’s Association of India, and Christian Commission for Development in Bangladesh to name a few. We also celebrated the appointment of Eileen Alma as Executive Director of Coady Institute.

In a world that sometimes seems broken, we know that together we have the opportunity to have a positive impact.
This is YOUR chance to partner with Coady to contribute to community transformation!

Please select a designation or “Coady Institute’s Greatest Need”.

Thank you for your support!

Emilie Chiasson and Lynn O’Donnell
Coady Institute

P.S. Learn more about Coady’s work by reviewing our annual report.

The financial support provides women with an opportunity that otherwise might not be a possibility. To have the opportunity to attend an academic institution with other indigenous women from almost every province in the country is something that could not be possible without assistance, so generously afforded to the candidates in this program.”

Audra Root, Canada
Chippewas of Seguin First Nation
Indigenous Women in Community Leadership Enhanced Mentorship Program (2022)