Participants have arrived for spring certificates! Coady’s student services team have been busy providing tours and orientation of facilities and services, while facilitators began classroom sessions on Monday (May 13) afternoon.

Fourteen leaders from 11 countries are on-campus for Asset-Based and Citizen-Led Development (ABCD) – an approach designed to help communities to identify and build upon their existing strengths and assets before looking outside for resources.

Twenty women leaders from 11 countries are on-campus for Women’s Leadership in Community Development – a program designed to create space for women leaders to build their leadership skills and learn to better position themselves and their work within their respective organizations to create social change and move community development forward with gender-sensitive processes.

This year’s spring certificate participants have arrived from Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Iraq, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Uganda, United States of America, Afghanistan, Canada, Fiji, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Guatemala.

These two courses are the first of nine on-campus courses offered at Coady this year. There are also several off-campus programs taking place in 2019, bringing Coady’s participatory approach directly into communities.